From our first conversation to the final removal everything will be organized according to high quality standards. Your entire household will be transported from point A to B with the utmost caution. We offer you :

  • the supply of the required packing materials to pack most items yourself (on call)
  • a professional packing crew that will safely pack everything in your home
  • disassemble furniture as required and reassemble at the new location
  • of load of all your household-effects in our truck
  • the transportation of your household-effects from the address
  • to unload our truck and to place your household-effects at your new property
  • collect the packing materials (on call)
  • moving of a sofa or a piano, assistance during the renovation of your home or living-room, or some furniture to your 2nd home abroad? It is all possible!


  • Internal relocation of a department from one floor to the other?: we guarantee that computers, furniture, archives, etcetera will be relocated at the right place.
  • The next day, business will go on as usual.
  • External removal, e.g. of your archives from your headquarters to another branch or to our storage facilities.
  • Renovation moving or special projects installation
  • Pallet transportation
  • Modern techniques and materials available, such as trucks and lifts


Through a network of specialized agents, we can ensure any  house to house moving,
anywhere in the world.
An international removal is bound by strict rules; we know them, we think ahead
and adapt to your situation in order to suit your needs.
We arrange all the formalities including the customs documents.
Removal of some furniture to your second home abroad


Storage facilities for short or longterm periods of time. Air-conditioned storage of your furniture, archives and inventories.

  • The storage premises are subject to high security
  • Storarge in closed containers
  • Humidity and temperature are constantly under control
  • Ideal for temporary storage, for example, during the renovation of your home or living room
  • Upon appointment you will have a quick access to your belongings


Special projects for individuals. We can assist you at all times with:

  • The moving of a sofa, a piano or other furniture to another floor of your house
  • emptying  your living room during its renovation and possible storage of your household
  • removal of some furniture to your second home abroad.
  • Handyman service
  • Cleaning  service
  • Art and antiques transport

In this area, we have a large amount of experience and we take the best care of your belongings. Your paintings, for example, can be packed in a special wooden crate.


As a leading removal and storage company, Lagerberg offers a full range of professional moving and storage services for your home and business.

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